Corporate Compliance

Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center has established a comprehensive corporate compliance program to assure that directors, employees and contractors conform to the highest ethical and legal standards in the course of providing quality health care to the center's patients and clients. The center strives to comply with federal and state laws and regulations, especially related to Medicare and Medicaid, government contracts and other government programs, and guidance from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. CS-HHC also strives to conform to the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

The compliance program relies on monitoring and auditing of internal systems and activities to verify compliance and to identify areas of risk and vulnerability. The program educates and trains directors, employees and contractors on standards and procedures so that Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center's expectations and commitment to compliance are understood and adopted. Click here to view Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center's Code of Conduct.

The Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center compliance program is administered by the Corporate Compliance Officer, who reports to the CEO. There is a Corporate Compliance Committee, composed of a member of the Board of Directors and representatives from major CS-HHC departments, to advise the Corporate Compliance Officer.

Employees and contractors are expected and encouraged to report unlawful or unethical conduct. Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center has a specific policy for prevention and reporting of fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare programs. Employees and contractors are expected to comply. Click here to view the policy.

The Corporate Compliance Department maintains a telephone message reporting line for employees and contractors.

Message Reporting Line: (203) 503-3758

The Department will handle reports confidentially. State law and Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center policy prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes an inquiry or files a report. Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center will enforce standards of conduct fairly and discipline violators without regard to their position in the organization.

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