Wish List

Cholesterol Testing Machine – $2,500: Help us conduct free screenings at health fairs and at other outreach events. This machine measures a complete lipid profile plus glucose in only 5 minutes using blood from a simple finger-stick.

Passenger Van – $23,000 (*Branding opportunity): Improve our ability to transport the people we serve. We all know transportation is a barrier to care and this van will greatly benefit the people who walk through our doors.

Waiting Room Information Center – $2,500 (*Multiple branding opportunities): As people arrive for their appointments, help us reach them with important messaging on health-related topics. We also can share critical reminders on how to book an appointment, hours of service, treatment options and other information designed to improve their overall experience.

Treatment Room Literature Racks – $15,000 (*Multiple branding opportunities): Help us share important health information with patients and clients. These literature racks are installed in all of our treatment rooms making it easier for our providers to hand brochures directly to the people they serve.

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