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Permission is granted to use any Cornell Scott-Hill Health Corporation trademark or logo as long as notice of use is provided by the user and the following guidelines are honored:

Cornell Scott-Hill Health Corporation reserves the right to terminate use of its trademarks and logos by any party for non-compliance with these guidelines or for any other reason we deem necessary and in our sole discretion.

  1. Any use of our trademarks and logos must be truthful, fair, and not misleading.
  2. In all materials including packaging, letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, slides, video, and other multimedia presentations, we would appreciate acknowledgement of trademark ownership through the appropriate registration mark (® or ™).
  3. Always use trademarks and logos in the manner intended by Cornell Scott-Hill Health Corporation. Do not use them for goods or services for which they were not originally intended. Do not alter them in any way. Keep them in the same proportional relationship as provided.


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